Ms. Smouse accepted into Penn State PhD Program

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Congrats to Ms. Smouse who was accepted into Pennsylvania State University’s History Department as a Ph.D. student in Early Modern Global Studies! Ms. Smouse was offered a five-year fellowship to continue the research she conducted in her master’s program at William and Mary.

“I will be focusing on women throughout the Spanish Empire during the Early Modern Era, and my proposed dissertation will focus on the first covenant in Manila. My research will take to me Madrid, Sevilla, and Mexico City to translate and analyze documents from the 17th century. I feel very blessed to have taught at CBA, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for history with others. While I am excited to continue my journey as a historian, I will miss all the students who brightened my life this past year. As I move forward to achieve a goal I have been working towards, I want thank my students for letting me be a part of your success stories.”
– Ms. Smouse

Really amazing work, Ms. Smouse! Best wishes in your new endeavors and you will be missed!