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  • Congrats Benny Adams! Eggleston Internship

Upper School senior, Ben Adams has been interning at Eggleston as a way to “bridge the gap” between graduation and the transition to life after CBA.

In September of 2022, Ben started serving at Eggleston Services. He began working two days a week, part-time, before heading to school. His supervisor reports that Ben has been a hard working intern, and his attention to detail and accuracy have made him a huge asset during his time there.

CBA Upper School Director, Jared  Setnar, regularly has discussions with his students as they progress through the upper school program to plan for their next steps. While more than 85% of CBA students will go to college after their senior year, there are some that may not yet be ready for college. Mr. Setnar worked with Eggleston to create a program that allows seniors to volunteer and learn job skills to better prepare them for life after CBA.

Ben is excited to have been offered a position at Eggleston after he graduates in June. CBA is proud of Ben and looks forward to his continued success as he takes this important step into adulthood.