Creative Waves in Upper School

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Our Upper School MakerSpace students have been hard at work infusing creativity and imagination into our learning environment. The upcoming bedazzling of the Upper School floor promises to be a visual feast, thanks to their incredible cardboard designs.

Among the highlights are intricate cardboard turtle cutouts, each adorned with unique and vibrant designs that capture the spirit of our talented students. The mermaid wall mural, crafted with yarn, paint, and various décor elements, adds a touch of enchantment to our surroundings. Not to be outdone, the octopus wall art showcases the students’ ability to transform simple materials into stunning works of art. Additionally, a 3D anchor, ingeniously crafted from cardboard, promises to be a focal point of the upcoming décor. We’re incredibly proud of our students’ dedication, creativity, and the sense of community they bring to our school.