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The “Girls Who Code” program is designed to close the gap between the genders in computer science and the organization has over half a million of members coding in the US, Canada, UK and India.

Led by upper teacher Ms. Bogacki, CBA is proud to offer our third session as an after school activity to our middle and upper school students. Each time the club meets a woman or a group of females is presented who made great impact in the world of computer science. The first heroine was Ada Lovelace  – one of the first programmers ever. Next, they talked about the women who worked on programming ENIAC, a 1945 programmable and fully electronic general use computer, and Julia Parsons who was on a team of code breakers during WWII.

After a presentation, members work on their own projects. Currently, the girls are finishing up three different projects in Scratch (a programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  – a story of a wolf-dragon, the misadventures of Mr. X, and their own version of the classic, Pacman.

The club meets every Monday after school from 3:15-4:45pm and is still accepting new members. Reach out to Marzena Bogacki ([email protected]) with any questions.