The CBA community celebrated Grandfriends Day with over 250 students, teachers, and grandfriends in attendance.

Lower school put on a performance and sang beautifully, sharing songs for their Grandfriends and Mrs. Edwards’s class shared anecdotes like, “…my grandma makes me yummy food,” and “…my grandma and grandpa play remote control cars with me.” Mrs. Ward’s class joined them to sing “A Song for Grandma & Grandpa.” Then, Mrs. Ward’s class showed off their jazz skills with a rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” All of 5th grade closed out the show with the song, “I’m So Glad You’re in My Life.” 5th graders, David Ellsworth and Aiden Bond did a wonderful job introducing all of the acts, even sneaking in a joke about ‘dad’ jokes!

Middle school science teacher Mr. Lincoln helped students construct wooden boats  to float in tubs of water. The students and their grandfriends created the propeller for the boat and attached it using rubber bands and used elasticity to power the boats by twisting the propeller. The groups went outside and raced them in our “CBA Speedway Water Tubs” (patent pending).

Middle school math teacher Ms. Newton painted suncatchers with the group while middle school english teacher Ms. Miner made friendship bracelets. At the final station, students and their grandfriends played the board games Uno and Apples to Apples.

Lower school teacher Mrs. Edwards shared a favorite story with her students and grandfriends called The Three Questions based on a story by Leo Tolstoy. Click here to watch a YouTube reading of this story.

Thank you to all for a FANTASTIC day!!!