Holiday Program 2023

CBA Music Director, Destiney Kooiman

The CBA community kicked off the holidays with music from around the globe! Our students did a fantastic job memorizing lyrics and music, and sharing it all with the whole school community.

Middle and upper school musicians shared three songs in the West African drumming tradition, “Funga Alafia,” “Take Time in Life,” and “Woyaya.” Lower school then took to the stage with movement and percussion renditions of the “March” and “Trepak” from The Nutcracker. The 5th grade boys sang “Maoz Tzur” to celebrate Hanukkah. Middle school students sang in Spanish and English for “Noche de Paz/Silent Night” while upper school students played guitar, ukulele, and xylophones. To celebrate Kwanzaa, middle school musicians sang “Lift Up Your Voice.” Then, the middle school sang and danced an a cappella piece, entitled “Dance!” Upper schooler Gabby Ward did a beautiful job singing a solo, “Where Are You Christmas?” followed by the whole group performing “Carol of the Bells,” complete with students accompanying on piano, xylophones, and bells. 
The celebration ended with “Jingle Bells,” inviting parents and families to join us with their own instruments! It was so fun to have Oliver Scolnick join with his electric guitar, and middle school parent Matthew Campbell with his banjo. 
Thank you to everyone who came and supported! We had so much fun sharing music with you all. 
Ms. Kooiman