It’s All Greek to Middle School!

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Examples of student work, drawings of mythological creatures

Middle school language arts students are diving into Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, learning all about the bygone era of the Greek gods and goddesses. The world that young hero, Percy Jackson, finds himself thrown into, mixes our modern life with the mythological beliefs of the ancient world. Introductions to the main players in Greek mythology were given for some much needed context to the story they are reading in class. Students spent a few days familiarizing themselves with the Olympian deities and how the Greeks believed our world worked.

Students studied these stories and then were given the task of researching their own monster from Greek mythology. They learned about its origins, appearance, and summarized a story that featured their monster. This project taught students how to locate reputable online sources for information and how to find the answers to their questions using a search engine.

While they listen and learn about the main character and his adventures, students are given the opportunity to create by illustrating a scene from the novel, building a Lego model of a symbol from the chapter, or reading along for active participation. 

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