Karate Club

Students practicing their karate skills

CBA students are learning Karate with Sensei Andre of Genbukai Virginia, part of an international organization  headquartered in California. They practice a traditional Okinawan style of Karate known as Shi-to-Ryu. Sensei Andre holds blackbelts in three different styles and he has been teaching Karate in the US since 2002.

Karate is a physical art, a technique of self-defense and a sport. One of its greatest attributes is that anyone, irrespective of size, age, or gender can practice this art. With regular training, one can improve physical fitness, stamina, fine and gross motor skills. Long term benefits include increasing self-control, building focus and self-confidence as well as encouraging a positive sense of self.

Testing to move up in rank is done every three to four months. The first test is for a yellow belt and students must demonstrate Kihono Kata, five basic blocks, three kicks, two basic stances and punches.

Classes are on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and students can work out one day a week or both days, depending on their schedules. Parents are welcome to join and train on Saturday mornings!