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CBA-themed “I Voted” stickers and the candidate ballot

Tuesday, November 7th was also Election Day at CBA! Lower school held their own election for class president and vice-president. The day began with the candidates giving speeches to their classmates followed by answering audience questions.

It took a lot of courage to stand up on stage and speak in front of a room full of people.
“I am extremely proud of everyone’s dedication and hard work. The speeches were all heartfelt and meaningful, and everyone was able to eloquently answer questions posed by the audience.”
– Ms. Nobre, Director or Lower School
Students were able to cast a vote for their candidates of choice and each received a CBA “I Voted” sticker.
For as long as there has been an annual LS election, there has never been one that ended up this close in votes. This year we had three candidates running for vice president and four running for president. The winners were announced during lunch and given their special badges to commemorate their positions for the year.
Well done on fulfilling your civic duties, lower school!