Make Your Own “Witch’s Mix”

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Mrs. Olsen and Jonah work together to fill in a graphic organizer.

Mrs. Olsen’s 1st-2nd grade class created “Witch’s Mix” to help students understand and determine the main idea and supporting details of a text. Just like a mix has many ingredients, a text also has different details. However, there is one main idea that holds everything together, just like the main ingredient in the mix.

While gathered around in a circle, students read the story of making a “witch’s mix” as they poured each ingredient into the caldron in order. The snack was then enjoyed by as all they worked to fill in the main idea and details of the story using their graphic organizers.
Make Your Own Witch’s Mix
  • Broom Sticks (pretzel sticks)
  • Cat Claws (candy corn)
  • Bat Eyes (Cheerios)
  • Ghost Poop (mini marshmallows)
  • Toad Noses (chocolate chips)
  • Colorful Flies (M&M’s)