Maker’s Masterpiece: Tinkercad Turkeys Meet MergeCube Magic!

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Lena looks at her Tinkercad design through the iPad onto a MergeCube

Our talented makers recently dove into a Thanksgiving-themed 3D design challenge using Tinkercad, and the results were stunning!

Using Tinkercad’s user-friendly platform, students crafted intricate turkey designs, pushing their creative boundaries. The real magic happened when these designs were brought to life using MergeCube, an augmented reality tool.

The MergeCube is a magical, augmented reality tool that brings 3D designs to life in the palm of your hand. The MergeCube transformed their virtual turkeys into captivating, real-world experiences—feathers, colors, and all! This day of intense designing showcased not only technical skills but also the ability to thrive under pressure.

“I’m incredibly proud of the dedication and creativity displayed by each maker. Wishing all a joyful Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and a touch of the extraordinary!” ~Ms. Viar, MAKE CBA Teacher