Welcome Rachel Clark: Director of Enrollment Management

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Left to right: Sofia, Nik, Stella, Rachel, and Chris

CBA is excited to introduce our incoming Director of Enrollment Management, Rachel Clark. Mrs. Clark has years of experience as a classroom teacher in both private and public schools, including special education and traditional classroom settings. She graduated from Hodges University in Naples, Florida and is currently working on her Master’s degree from Radford University.

Originally from Florida, Rachel has lived in Virginia Beach for the past 7 years. She and her husband, Chris, a retired Navy submariner, love to do anything outdoors! Hiking, car rides, and taking all the long ways. She is a gigantic baseball fan and her family is hoping to visit all 30 ballparks together!
Rachel has 3 children. Nik, 17, is a senior who is neurodiverse himself, and is the driving force of Rachel’s life goal to offer equitable educational opportunities to all students. Sofia, 15, is a sophomore in high school who loves to play volleyball and plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps with a career in teaching. Stella, 12, is a childhood cancer survivor with enough grit and passion to brighten anyone’s day. Her love for life and the world is contagious. In her spare time, Rachel has her own small business crafting business. It’s a family affair and they spend many weekends attending craft fairs together.
“I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the CBA comunity and look forward to meeting all of you!”
                                                                                – Rachel Clark