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In 2015, CBA took a major step forward for our small school by establishing an investment fund. The creation of that fund was central to achieving our strategic goal of financial sustainability.

Today, it is with great excitement that we share news of the next step down the path in that important journey. Through the tremendous generosity of the Perry Family Foundation, CBA will be the recipient of a gift of $1 million dollars to establish an endowment in support of the Paige Perry Scholarship Fund.

Paige has given so much of herself to CBA over the past two decades, first being an employee of the school for 13 years and now through her service on the board. During that time, Paige has been a champion of our students and a supporter in every way. The fund was created as a surprise for Paige by her family, as they know how close she holds CBA to her heart.

We are so grateful to Paige and her family for this recognition of CBA as a vital resource to the Hampton Roads community. We are optimistic that this gift will be the first of many to the endowment and will serve to ensure the financial health and well-being of CBA.