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Thanks to all for a wonderful first week! We are aware of the tight quarters at the entrance of our traffic circle and while the design is intended to slow vehicles down and keep everyone safe, we are exploring options to prevent the need to curb-hop upon exit and give adequate space to larger vehicles. Thank you for your patience as we determine the best solution.

In case you missed the annual 5 P’s of Traffic Circle Etiquette, kindly remember the following:

  1. Arrive Prepared! Having your child’s items packed and ready to go makes for an easy exit from your vehicle. Passenger side is preferred.
  2. Pull forward to the Red Line.
  3. No Passing. 
  4. No Parking. If you arrive late or need to speak with a faculty member or the nurse, please park in the lot and come in and check in at the front desk. This also applies to homework center and extended care; please park and come in to sign your child out. 
  5. Demonstrate Patience with others and remember that we all share a common goal of keeping our kids safe.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Waranch, director of institutional advancement, at [email protected].