MAKE CBA Celebrates Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon!

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In the spirit of cultural exploration and creativity, MAKE CBA Upper School students celebrated Chinese New Year, marking the Year of the Dragon! They kicked off the celebration by delving into fascinating facts about Chinese Lunar New Year customs and traditions. From vibrant dragon dances to symbolic red envelopes, students immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture.

Mia and Gabby showcased their ingenuity with a captivating 3D design of a Chinese dragon using Tinkercad, which they seamlessly transferred onto a MergeCube—a remarkable augmented reality tool that brings digital creations to life in the palm of your hand. Patricia, Thomas and Brock embarked on a coding adventure, crafting a cardboard dragon costume for our Cue robot. With their coding skills, the Cue robot came to life, showcasing its walking skills and sharing insights about the Chinese dragon’s significance. Lena’s artistic talents shone as she crafted a stunning Chinese dragon costume using cardboard and old tarpaulin, transforming it with vibrant paint into a majestic symbol of the festivities.

Gabby’s melodious rendition of “Snow is Falling,” an English adaptation of a Chinese song, added a harmonious touch to our celebrations. We were honored to welcome Professor Pengfei Song as our guest speaker, a biology professor at Virginia Peninsula Community College and instructor of Chinese language at Tidewater Chinese School, who shared insights into Chinese New Year customs and traditions. Fortune cookies were distributed to all, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity in the year ahead.

Mrs. Viar expressed her immense pride in her Makerspace students, whose diverse contributions made the celebration truly memorable. As we embark on the Year of the Dragon, MAKE CBA wishes everyone a joyous Chinese New Year filled with luck, prosperity, and boundless creativity!