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What started as “good business sense” turned into a lifetime commitment of service for our outgoing Board Chair, Stan Baldwin.

In the early 2000’s Stan Baldwin served as general counsel for Amerigroup Corporation. His executive assistant struggled with the demands of a child who learned differently, a struggle that caused disruption at work. Things changed for the better once she enrolled her child at Chesapeake Bay Academy, prompting Stan to make a contribution to the school.

That was his first exposure to CBA. The second came when MaryAnne Dukas met Stan at a neighborhood holiday party and made it her mission to bring Stan on the board. After MaryAnne’s persistent pursuit, Stan joined the board in 2006.

Stan became a “working board member”, full of ideas and eager to make lasting connections to benefit CBA students, faculty, staff, and community. Recognizing the need of the board to connect with faculty, Stan inaugurated the annual Faculty-Trustee Luncheon. He supported the development of the MAKE CBA entrepreneurship program, along with the Culinary Arts program.

Stan’s commitment was unwavering and the Board voted him Chair in 2014. Under Stan’s 6 year tenure, CBA flourished. He co-chaired the CBA “Transformation” Capital Campaign, exceeding the $3M goal. In 2015, Stan and his wife, Dolly, hosted the first annual “Chairman’s Reception”, a “must attend” fundraising event in Hampton Roads.

In 2019, Stan exercised his political muscle to help ensure the passage of Senate Bill 1365, the expansion of tax credits for education, a huge win for the CBA community. And he partnered with CBA Head of School Judy Jankowski to secure a $50K grant from the prestigious EE Ford Foundation, then single-handedly raised $100K in matching funds.

It’s easy to see Stan’s love and support of Chesapeake Bay Academy and we are truly grateful for all he has done to ensure our future. While Stan regularly says that “leading the CBA Board of Trustees is the most significant thing I’ve done in my life”, it is the lives of our students, faculty, staff and community that are forever changed by his dedication, commitment and generosity.

Stan Baldwin has created a lasting legacy at Chesapeake Bay Academy. Thank you, Stan for all you have done for our community. You are a CBA Dolphin for life!