Class Size and Groupings – The foundation of CBA’s educational philosophy has always been personalized instruction made possible through very small class sizes. This configuration has served our students well from an instructional standpoint, and it is now one of CBA’s greatest strengths in the COVID-19 environment.  Small class sizes and student groupings provide increased safety.  Accordingly, CBA will limit class size across the building such that all classrooms will honor the CDC recommended 6-foot social distancing guidelines between desks.

Ability-grouping has also been central to CBA’s educational delivery, and CBA will now limit the movement between students/classrooms to the maximum extent possible. Hallways will be unidirectional, and all students will wear masks during passing periods.

Curriculum – We will continue to emphasize the core curriculum in our instruction. Thus, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies will serve as the curriculum’s foundation, and we will make adaptations to the delivery of the arts (visual, performing, and culinary) and technology-based curricula as necessary.

At Chesapeake Bay Academy we are committed to empowering and nurturing our students through every step of their educational journey. In the lower and middle schools, we build the foundation for student success through a combination of direct instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, social and learning skills, and positive reinforcement in a caring and safe environment. In the upper school, our accredited curriculum is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) combined with targeted classes in reading and writing to help students meet their goals and aid in a successful transition to college and the workplace.

In every division, our positive student-teacher relationships are central to the learning experience; our instructors share a personal commitment to support each student socially and emotionally. In the lower school, classroom teachers direct and monitor our students’ progress and day-to-day performance. As they transition into our middle school, learners are nurtured by our advocate program, in which teachers meet daily with small groups of students. Through this individual connection, teachers ensure that they are up-to-date on the progress of all their students, ready to offer congratulations on personal victories and mentorship through challenges. Upper school students thrive in a structured environment as they prepare for life after CBA, whether that be a two-year or four-year college or university, military service, or entering the workplace.