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Chesapeake Bay Academy creates and fosters a diverse, anti-racist, inclusive and accepting environment for all those who engage in and with our community. We are committed to aligning our policies, programs, processes, and people with our core values of education and inclusion, integrity and respect. We actively stand against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and physical or cognitive differences. It is our intent that every individual who engages with CBA feels accepted, represented, and empowered to share their beliefs and opinions.

Updated January 8, 2021
Diversity Task Force
Tom Hasty, chair


DIVERSITY – Diversity CBA is the intentional engagement of students and community members, with a broad range of learning differences and backgrounds. CBA strives to enrich the lives of all members of our community. Building a thriving and diverse school culture for all students and community members is the ultimate goal. CBA recognizes the importance of supporting students and community members with a variety of racial backgrounds, cultures, creeds, religious beliefs, ages and especially learning abilities.


EQUITY – CBA understands the need to create an organizational structure that empowers students and provides equal opportunities. Recognizing the benefits of empowering students to achieve their full potential is an essential goal. Students need equitable access to resources that will help them succeed. CBA also believes in assessing the individual needs, circumstances, and learning challenges of students, while highlighting their unique strengths and providing resources that will help these students meet their aspirations of equality and power-sharing in classroom settings.


INCLUSION – CBA takes an active role in creating a school culture that intentionally encourages participation by all students and members of our community. CBA strives to create a respectful, diverse, and inclusive environment, where students feel safe to embrace their unique identities, especially as they grow and mature into young adults. Race, class, culture, creed, gender identity, age and learning ability contribute to CBA’s unique educational setting. We view these descriptions and identities as vital power sources that contribute to CBA’s unique student body and community.


JUSTICE – CBA is dedicated to social justice, creating an anti-racist environment, fighting for the identities of our students, and helping students see the importance of engaging with their communities. CBA understands that students bring their ideas and questions into the classroom, which emerge from cultural shifts, societal changes, and their relationships with the modern world. Faculty and staff are sensitive to these ideas and concerns and aspire to meet these students where they are, as they grow to understand the meaning of social change. Faculty and staff recognize the importance of empathy. They encourage students to advocate for themselves and to advocate for others. They also help students to understand that justice is an actionable word, which requires movement and standing up for the issues that matter to them.