Personalized Education

At CBA, teachers take a student-centered approach to their work, focusing on the specific needs of their child. Individualized Instruction Plans are developed for each student and include present levels of performance, accommodations, strengths, challenges and objectives. As the goals of the plan are accomplished, new goals are crafted and the plan evolves.

Our instructional philosophy recognizes the uniqueness of every learner. Educators differentiate the curriculum for each

child and apply a wide-range of teaching strategies and methodologies to match individual learning styles. Creative techniques including multisensory and multidisciplinary presentations, project-based learning, blended and on-line instruction are utilized to promote effective learning for all students.

Individualized Instructional Plans

All children can benefit from an academic program designed specifically to meet their learning needs. This is especially true in the case of students with learning differences. Students who experience challenges acquiring reading and written language skills, those with ADHD and organizational challenges, students with dyscalculia and dysgraphia, or students who simply are not served well in traditional classroom settings—all of these can find success at CBA.

Multisensory Instruction

In traditional classroom settings, the majority of instruction is delivered by a teacher standing in front of the class and lecturing. However, children learn more effectively when teaching addresses all of their senses. At CBA, we offer our students multisensory instruction that engages kids actively, adding tactile (hands-on) and kinesthetic (movement) components to augment auditory and visual presentation. This allows our students to connect with new information in the ways that are best for them. Honoring each child as an individual is the CBA way.

Outstanding Faculty

The faculty at CBA is truly second to none. All faculty at CBA are licensed by the state of Virginia, most with backgrounds in Special Education. Although credentials and professional training are important to our success with students, we also recognize the importance of a nurturing classroom environment. Our teachers pride themselves on making their students feel safe and supported as they learn. In their caring classrooms, CBA teachers make miracles happen every day. Just ask our families!