Alumni Giving Circle

All former students and graduates are invited to join the ALUMNI CIRCLE by making a donation to support our school! All gifts of all sizes make an impact. Alumni who give an annual gift to CBA become members of the Alumni Giving Circle. Make your gift to support the students attending CBA!

SUCCESS!! Alumni KUBI Challenge
Thank you to all of our former students and graduates who stepped up and donated to the KUBI Challenge. We raised enough money to purchase a KUBI robot for students!

CBA consistently integrates new technologies to ensure that our students have the ability to continue their learning remotely, when necessary. The KUBI Telepresence Robot allows a student to be “in class” from the comfort of their own home! The KUBI sits on a desk in the classroom and the student has the ability to control to robot, allowing it to turn around and follow the teacher as they move about the classroom. They can even raise their hand, ask a question, and interact with their peers in real-time as the class can see them on the screen. Innovative tools like these are instrumental in CBA’s ability to continue to the mission of serving our students