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Research tells us that boys are identified with learning differences nearly 3 times as often as girls. They receive support services in school far more often than girls, due to disruptive behaviors sometimes associated with their academic challenges.  Experience tells us that frequently girls do not receive the interventions they would benefit from because they are well-behaved and unobtrusive. In the spirit of creating equality of opportunity for these deserving girls, Chesapeake Bay Academy is pleased to offer the Gender Equity Grant. The grant offers support for girls who struggle with learning differences in traditional classrooms and provides them with the interventions necessary for them to thrive, rather than simply survive.

To educational professional in our Hampton Roads community, we encourage you to nominate a young lady you feel is well-suited for the Gender Equity Grant. Parents are also invited to apply on behalf of their daughters. Girls entering grades 1 through 10 are eligible. Students who successfully complete the admission process and are found to be appropriate candidates for the program will receive a $5,000 award, on top of any financial assistance for which the family would qualify, for two years. Newly enrolling girls entering grades 1 through 10 are eligible for the grant.

Chesapeake Bay Academy is the only independent school that specializes in educating intelligent children who struggle to learn in traditional school settings.  With a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, multisensory instruction and project-based curriculum, our students have the opportunity to find success and develop a true love of learning.

If you have questions regarding this grant opportunity, please contact Margaret Meyers, Director of Enrollment Management at 757.497.6200 or [email protected].  Please join Chesapeake Bay Academy in our quest to meet the needs of all exceptional learners.


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