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Byline: Judy Jankowski, Ed.D., Head of School, Chesapeake Bay Academy

On Friday, March 13th at 2:30 p.m., Governor Ralph Northam issued the first stay-at-home order, effectively changing the practice of education as we knew it. With 30 minutes to prepare our students prior to dismissal, the faculty shifted into high gear to set the wheels in motion for a transition to virtual learning. With the following Monday already scheduled for faculty professional development, virtual learning officially launched on Tuesday, March 17th, and our student’s education never skipped a beat.

Chesapeake Bay Academy was well-positioned to take on this enormous challenge as our learning management system, Canvas, had been implemented 3 years prior. This provided our students and faculty with a virtual platform for instruction they were already familiar with. Of course, like most new ventures there were a few bumps along the road but CBA faculty worked tirelessly to maintain the level of personalized education and individualized instruction that our school was founded on.

At the same time, the administrative team recognized that maintaining open lines of communication with our community was paramount to the success of this endeavor. Parents were instrumental to this effort as they provided transparent feedback on what worked for their children and what did not. And faculty were regularly surveyed to gain insight into the strengths and opportunities being presented in this new environment. Together, as a community, CBA was able to pivot, adjust, and innovate.

Through all the uncertainty that COVID-19 presented CBA was certain of one thing: Continuing to serve our families and provide our unique learners with an unparalleled educational experience was an absolute necessity. Throughout the pandemic, CBA never stopped delivering instruction for our students. All of this was made possible through the use of innovative technology provided by our generous donors.

While the educational landscape continues to evolve, CBA will embrace the cornerstones upon which it was founded. Personalized learning plans, individual and small group instruction, and the integration of cutting edge technology have always made this work possible. And while the COVID environment will undoubtedly continue to change our schools, it will not change the commitment of our community – faculty and staff, parents, board and generous donors – to serving the amazing students of Chesapeake Bay Academy.

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