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3rd Annual ADHD Symposium

The following speaker presentations are available for review and download:

Assessment & Treatment of College Students with ADHD
Jennifer M. Flaherty, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor, EVMS Neuropsychology Program

What is the Difference between Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD?
John Harrington, M.D., CHKD

Educators Toolkit for Dealing with ADHD in the Classroom
Linda Miller-Dunleavy, M.S. Ed., Senior Lecturer, Special Education, Old Dominion University

Neuroplasticity and ADHD
Scott W. Sautter, Ph.D. FACPN, Hampton Roads Neuropsychology

ADHD Hacks to Keep Your Cool
Mindy Schwartz Katz, M.S., ADHD Life Coach, Your Life – Plan B