Synnika Lofton presented with VAIS Innovation in Education Award

November 3, 2023

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  • Synnika Lofton presented with VAIS Innovation in Education Award

On Friday, November 3rd, Chesapeake Bay Academy’s own Synnika Lofton, upper school literature teacher, published author, spoken-word poet, and adjunct faculty at Norfolk State University, was presented with the esteemed Innovation in Education at this year’s 50th Annual Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) Conference held at the Benedictine Schools of Richmond. Mr. Lofton presented an original poem written just for the occasion to open the event.

Each year, VAIS presents three annual awards (one each for lower, middle and upper school) to honor educators and recognize those individuals in VAIS schools who make positive impacts in their communities. Recipients of this award are recognized for inspiring students’ excitement about learning, motivating colleagues to grow professionally, and impacting the school community in positive and tangible ways.

Mr. Lofton was nominated for the award by Jared Setnar, CBA Upper School Director, who has been a colleague of Mr. Lofton’s for the past 14 years.

Dr. Jankowski shared, “Chesapeake Bay Academy is proud of Synnika Lofton’s great work, both in and out of the classroom. His immense talent is truly a gift to CBA and the entire VAIS community.”

Congratulations, Mr. Lofton!