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CBA is proud to be a founding member of the new association of independent schools serving students with learning differences. The Association of LD Schools (ALDS) is a non-profit organization including over 50 founding schools across the country and in Canada who serve neurodiverse students, including those with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and ADHD. The Association provides a forum for these mission-driven schools to partner to share resources, develop strategies, and innovate new, research-based instructional designs that better serve their uniquely-abled learners.

“At ALDS, our goal is clear: to foster an inclusive and empowering environment where schools dedicated to supporting students with learning differences can come together, collaborate, and flourish,” said Cheryl Cook, who recently served as the academic dean at Lawrence School in Ohio and is now the Association’s founding Executive Director.  “My goal for ALDS is to figure out how we can help LD school leaders and educators connect with each other about their work and efforts to support learners. We are stronger together.”

ALDS is an outgrowth of partnerships formed among LD school leaders at the annual LD Leadership Retreat hosted at the Windward School in July. Many LD schools are frequently the only schools of their type in their region. ALDS now provides a support network for teachers and administrators, alike, across North America.

“CBA is delighted to be a pioneer in this important work as we continue our mission of providing an innovative education for students who learn differently,” said Dr. Judy Jankowski, CBA Head of School.

LISTEN to the LEAD on READ podcast from the Windward School, including an interview with Cheryl Cook highlighting the work of ALDS.