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  • CBA 3.0: The Next Generation Capital Campaign Update

Chesapeake Bay Academy initially launched the first stages of its CBA 3.0 capital campaign in January of 2020, with the goals of:

  • Increasing Technology and Research
  • Supporting Faculty and Staff Development
  • Expanding Tuition Assistance

Unfortunately, just as the campaign was getting underway, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought—to every aspect of the school—in the last two years, loyal supporters of Chesapeake Bay Academy have contributed $2.5 million toward the campaign’s $3 million goal.  That brings us within 18% of our target.

To date the campaign has:

  • Supported the purchase of Vibe Boards, Telepresence Robots and other technology that allowed CBA to seamlessly continue educating students, even at the height of the pandemic
  • Upgraded our building to provide for blended learning, social distancing, and safety for all
  • Funded the creation of CERTI – the Center for Educational Research and Technology Innovation. CERTI is working to develop a model, research-based virtual learning program at CBA for students with learning differences and explore the efficacy of online learning environments for students with a variety of physical and cognitive differences.
  • Provided vital professional development resources and opportunities to support faculty through what has been a challenging educational environment
  • Increased much-needed tuition assistance during the economic volatility of the pandemic

Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has participated in the CBA 3.0 campaign and allowed CBA to thrive through the challenges of the past 2 years.


Click here for more information on the CBA 3.0 campaign and how you can get involved.